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Four narrow ones are provided for each of my arms and legs, spaced evenly down the limbs.

A wider and thicker strap holds my torso in place, crossing my chest just below my armpits.

If you've feedback feel free to email it to me or find me via my blog at Chapter 1 - Prolog My wife says I'm the luckiest man alive. It's pitch black, cold and I'm staring up at the ceiling. The large number of leather straps holding my body in place make it the only option.

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On its own this wouldn't totally prevent noise, but she always uses it together with packing material for my mouth.

Today, as on most days, it's a pair of her used panties that are crammed into place under the strap.

I can hear what's happening so clearly because what I call "my room" is actually what used to be the walk-in-closet off the master bedroom.

We spent a weekend converting it from its original function a couple of years ago.

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My lower back and ass rest on a thin padded leather cushion that's riveted into the wood.

And my head and neck rest on a leather cushion fastened down in the same way.

He sounds like a big guy and I can hear the bed shifting and creaking as they move together. The little screams she lets out as he brings her to orgasm make it easy to count.

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