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Some time ago, Adam at got in touch with me as a few recent experiences and conversations had made him realise how little he’d known of the harassment many of his fellow female music fans experienced for the crime of Being Women In Public Spaces.He asked if I would help gather stories from my blog followers to help him write a piece aimed at encouraging other men to understand the scale of the problem, and think about what men can do to help change the culture.

I hope it helps, whether you’re struggling yourself or feel like you’re helplessly watching someone else suffer: Part 1: Work Work (which here means “holding down a job which enables me to pay my rent and bills”) is one of the first things that I wrote down on my list of ideas for this blog series, with my Anxiety and depression affecting my work day in myriad ways. Someone I am in an online community came up with this phrase: Creepiness Intensifies.

The bright lights and constant buzzing noise of my open plan office are irritants on good days, migraine inducing on bad ones. It perfectly expressed a situation that so many of us have experienced in our lives.

Many people expressed feelings of guilt or regret that they’d not reached out more while he was still with us. Ok, I didn’t go far, just down to the coffee shop on the corner, where this first paragraph is being typed. I even managed to interact with strangers and I think they believed I was a normal human.

I know from having had a near-fatal depressive breakdown that just because people desperately want to help, and would do anything in their power to help, it doesn’t mean it will make a difference. I probably won’t stay here long, but that’s not the point. Well, apart from the Darth Vader Christmas jumper and the pink hair in Princess Leia buns, but, y’know. I managed to ask for a coffee and didn’t cry in public so it’s all good.

All I ever wanted was to be able to enjoy A Drink without reference to Being Drunk.

I wanted to able to have a good time without needing to be drunk, and to have a drink without wanting to have a hundred more drinks.While the former has been hard work, largely due to social anxiety, I am definitely able to achieve the latter.My guidelines for drinking are simple: These guidelines have worked brilliantly, for the most part.These novels have precipitated a new wave of traditionally “vanilla” couples taking spanking and restraints into the bedroom to “spice up their love life”.But submission is prone to a bad reputation – how can letting yourself be completely dominated, allowing another person to tell you what to do, and allowing physical punishment be a feminist act?Being surrounded by people – particularly in a country where “how are you? It’s when you’re just, you know, going about your normal life and then someone (usually, but I guess not necessarily, a bloke) makes things weird by getting overly personal or unexpectedly sexual.

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