updating your voc file - Dating a sagittarius female

You have to understand, there is no such thing as a perfect person. The typical Sagittarius woman has her weak spots as well. However, what makes matters worse is when the Aquarius man asks from time to time regarding certain issues and she gets very defensive. However in the dirty and topsy-turvy real world, thing that may seem good in theory are not workable.

You have to understand, that ideals are precisely that. Things that may seem like black and white on paper might turn out to be not so clear cut. Unfortunately, many Aquarius men missed the memo on this, and many of them hold their Sagittarius female partners to their impossible ideals. The typical Sagittarius response to personal challenges, personal difficulty, personal insults or drama in his or her life, is to basically just crawl into his or her shell.

He will absolutely adore that you are ready to go at a moment’s notice. To them it is ridiculously pretentious and a complete mystery that they don’t want to explore. They will never run out of things that they want to do together and things they are good at.

We are not just talking about a mutually emotionally fulfilling relationship; it can also be a financially rewarding relationship. Love can only go so far, there has to be financing to make sure that the people in the relationship can afford the life that they want to lead. In many cases, the Aquarius man would prefer to live in this ideal world rather than in the world that he is forced to live in- the real world.

This is especially true when we are talking about the Aquarius man. If the Aquarius man in the relationship is highly polished and mature, his idealism can actually push the relationship forward, it can take the relationship to a much higher level of emotional fulfillment and personal happiness.

One of the most frustrating things that a Sagittarius woman can experience with her Aquarius lover is that the Aquarius man can be a dreamer.

He basically can come up with one half-baked idea after another and then spend years thinking about these ideas often in a very shallow way, and jumping from one idea to the other.

You have to understand, that Sagittarius woman can basically project strength, but inside is really feeling a lot of pain.

When they do this, and when they feel that pressure or pain, they wall off or shut off their romantic partner emotionally.They are here to have a good time and to share the good word that life is a marvelous gift.You really can pull out all the stops if you’re a Sagittarius man trying to attract a Sagittarius woman.This also eliminates the need to dress up, which is absolutely anathema to Sagittarians.Fall in step with him and become his best buddy if you’re a Sagittarius woman trying to attract a Sagittarius man.You know how most people are basically bowled over by your enthusiasm and skeptical that you are all hype?

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