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The second event that members of the uniformitarian camp reject is the global catastrophic flood during the days of Noah.

Because of their rejection of these two supernatural events, their uniformitarian age speculations are truly vacuous.

Sixteen subjects on God Said Man Said deal with the age of the earth.

Believing upon the Lord Jesus Christ and surrendering to the Holy Scriptures is the open door to God’s beauty. Consider, for example, the dinosaur, evolution’s poster child.

Your situation can most definitely change in mere minutes. Click onto “Further With Jesus” for shocking beauty. GOD SAID, Exodus : , concerning the issue of Noah’s Ark: “Why is there no evidence of a flood in ice core series?

The route took them through Canada, to Greenland, to Iceland, and finally to England.

The account that follows is from the website of those affiliated with the recovery effort: They soon discovered they were back on the east coast of Greenland, two hours away from BW‑1, the airbase at the southern tip of Greenland.

And a high‑pressure steam probe revealed that they lay beneath as much as 264 feet of solid ice.

Because of the uniformitarian assumption of glacial ice formation being a long, slow process, none of the discoverers thought the planes could have been buried under 250 to 264 feet of ice in just 46 years.

They supposedly died out about 65 million years ago.

The shocking discovery that some of their bones still have soft tissue in them has caused the evolutionists to revisit their entire theory of fossilization.

They continued to research the problem, and in 1988 arrived on the ice cap armed with two different sophisticated sub‑surface radar systems and crews to operate them.

Within days, the radar teams had pinpointed the exact location of all eight airplanes.

And it immediately became obvious why they hadn’t been located earlier.

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