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As a result, I’ve been banned from the Time 100 Most Influential People dinner, Northwestern Debate Camp, and the Fox News channel.We all have to learn our lessons in different ways, you know?Gays and Fashionistas: I hang my head in shame this episode.

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I wrote it about two or three years ago, when I finally reached the point in my dating life when I was done with -- how shall I put this delicately?

The truth is, the checklist is quite thoughtful, although, through the magic of television, it does seem to be a bit shallow.

Moving sucks no matter what, but moving and attempting to be fashionable?

For all the planning, all the anxiety, all of the nonsense, sometimes the only thing to do is just relax and let our lives unfold.

Neither of them have a bitchy, catfighty bone in their bodies, and they are so loving and warm, I felt safe knowing that we wouldn’t be making “Jersey Shore: Dating Expert Edition.” (Although now I wonder if Snooki could teach me a thing or two, given that she’s pregnant and engaged.

AMY: So, should I go out with him [her ex who dumped her]?

I would rather go to parties wielding a little notepad and pen, asking my classmates innocuous dating questions like, “Should guys pay on the first date?

Of course, I never planned for it to turn into my CAREER.

I’ve read that I have stumpy, tree-like fat legs, fat sausage fingers, a fat bloated face, fat…

But that’s a blog for another day.)OK, back to the show again, where you get an introduction to my ass (which you’ll be seeing throughout the show, much to my chagrin) and watch me answering the door of my parents’ downtown condo in -- wait for it -- Lulu Lemon sweats, a shapeless hot pink tee-shirt, and Uggs.

I also believe you know whether you are or aren’t attracted right away.

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