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If they don’t, they feel they are being inauthentic or even worse a pushover giving the men “all the power to dictate everything on their own terms.” Then what follows is usually the men telling them they are not ready, or they don’t want a relationship or they want to take things slow or they are still feeling burned by their previous relationship or ex or a combo of those answers.

And then the women usually become reactive and take offense that they are not “good enough” to “deserve more” than whatever these guys are capable of giving at the moment so they usually give an ultimatum or walk away hoping these guys will chase them or give them what they want only to find themselves nowhere near ready to pull the plug thanks to the strong attraction and attachment. Everyday in my job this scenario is repeated over and over with different women who are looking for answers on how to deal with this issue.

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It can be hard to find true advice in the age of rampant self-help books and websites, so in Dating Without Drama it is important to stay true to yourself, and be cautious.

While starting fights and stalking definitely falls under the umbrella of “dating drama,” most men have a broader definition of the term.

And this is actually common among women who are avoidant (emotionally unavailable) themselves.

They fall for the guy exactly because he’s safe and distant.

Is it ok to communicate to him somehow that I love hearing from him?

It’s always on his terms which makes me feel a little like a puppet. It’s hard because I am a go-getter, a director, an over achiever and I’m wickedly smart.The dating process today has ignited a craze, sparking dozens of books and websites stocked with dating advice for Dating Without Drama.Among all of these products preaching their words as the only way to date correctly, it can be difficult to find some truth or successful approaches—especially when it comes to avoid stress and worry throughout the whole process.When we said goodbye he said “talk to you tomorrow”. Isn’t it right to have a flag go up if a guy doesn’t keep his word?As women, are we always to lean back and just accept whatever he does, even if it doesn’t work for us? And yes, still dating other guys, but no one has compared.That is pretty bossy and pushy, isn’t it, now that someone puts it that way? He’s having his boundaries and I’m stepping all over them because I feel justified to feel how I feel for whatever reason I hold in my head. “Everything on his terms” is following and trusting his leadership in my book.

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