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If your spouse is suing another person or being sued, you can be forced to testify.

However, you do not need to disclose any communication between you and your spouse that took place during the marriage. Engagement An engagement is an agreement to marry and is a contract between you and your future spouse.

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If you won in court, you would be compensated by your spouse’s insurance company for your injuries.

This is presuming there is an insurance policy covering the negligence and a stranger would be compensated in the circumstances. Testifying Against Your Spouse If your spouse is charged with a criminal offence, you cannot be forced to testify against your spouse unless your spouse is charged with certain sexual offences, offences against the children of the marriage, or certain offences against you personally.

Property Referral Numbers If you are engaged to be married you are no doubt anticipating exciting personal changes in your life.

^ TOP ^ The first thing that you must do is get a marriage license.

The woman can only keep the ring if she and her fiancé marry or if the man, without any fault by the woman, breaks the engagement off. Formalities of Marriage There are certain formal requirements for a valid marriage.

If these are not met, the Court may annul the marriage which means it is as if the marriage never happened.

A bigamous marriage (marriage to a second spouse while still married to the first spouse) is void at the outset, but a court can decide who, if any, of the parties are married. Maintenance You both have an obligation to maintain (support financially) each other and the children of the marriage.

Under the Criminal Code it is an offence not to provide your spouse and your children with “necessaries” -- food, clothing, and shelter.

The person changing his or her name may have trouble initially because people are not used to his or her new name, or because people will not believe that married people can have different last names. Your Children’s Names If you and your spouse use the same last name, any children of that marriage will be registered on their birth certificates using that same last name.

There can be, however a joint request, by both parents, to use a hyphenated name or use the other’s maiden name.

However, such court actions are very rare and are usually only taken in extreme circumstances.

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