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Phytoestrogenic foods are the basis for a healthy diet and a long life.The first food listed is the highest in phytoestrogens.Nourishing wild-food vegetarian meals are included with all workshops.

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Plants which are exceptionally rich in phytoestrogens are regarded as powerful herbal medicines.

Plants which are good sources of phytoestrogens are regarded as foods.

Phytoestrogenic herbs are usually too powerful for long-term use.

From the list below (which is in alphabetical order), it is safest to use only one herb at a time, and use it only when needed, although that may mean daily use for several months.

Located between Woodstock and Saugerties, 5 miles from the NYS Thruway, the Wise Woman Center is easily accessible while private enough for nude swimming.

You'll receive a map and directions when you register.

Phytoestrogens are weak hormones found in many plants. We know that increased exposure to hormones -- such as those used in the cattle industry, those given to women during menopause, those taken by women engaged in hi-tech pregnancy efforts, and even those naturally produced by our own bodies -- increases our risk of being diagnosed with cancer, especially breast cancer.

They are currently being promoted, sometimes in highly refined forms, for relief of the symptoms of menopause. And many believe that hormone-like chemicals -- xenoestrogens -- increasingly found in our food and water, contribute to cancer as well.

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