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Find the probability p that other is also a boy a) 1/3 b) 2/3 c) 1/2 d) 3/4 Correct Ans: a) 1/3 However I am getting answer as 1/2. The couple has two children, hence the sample space is as follows.

So the sample space reduces to BB BG So now p is 1/2 Is there some mistake is my approach ?

the same question as the one mentioned in the comment by Martin Sleziak, and your "correct ans" is wrong; the probability is indeed $\frac12$ (under the assumption, not quite true in reality but reasonable for this question, that the probability of a random person being male $\frac12$, and that it is independent of the gender of any other fixed person).

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It sounds like this is more about the fact that Jane had to step in for you on project X / that you left the client hanging / that the work you turned in wasn’t what Fergus had asked for.” * And frankly, you could even consider being honest with her and saying something like, “I do think you’re right that in this role you need to have mastered X, Y, and Z.” If you really want to be honest, you could say, “Since you’ve been struggling with it for a while, I think it’s possible that this role might not play to your strengths.” (That said, I think you should be having fewer Big Conversations with her about her job, so I’m not necessarily advocating this.

But if you find yourself in one anyway, this is something to consider.) The big takeaway I want you to have here is that you aren’t responsible for your coworker just because you’re both women. Lend a hand to women coming up behind you and try to make their path easier. But you do have a gender-based obligation to perform this kind of labor for every single individual woman who crosses your path — and I doubt you have the energy to do that anyway, assuming you are a normal human with normal supplies of time and energy — and you especially don’t have to do it when someone violates your boundaries and makes you feel manipulated, or where you see it won’t pay off.

As women, we’re constantly reminded to build up other women in the workplace. I feel uncomfortable when she cries to me at work and feel as if a boundary is being crossed.

In addition to being part of her personal mentorship squad/clean-up crew, I feel emotionally manipulated. We share a manager who knows about her technical misgivings and how much of a resource drain she is, but he’s (inexplicably to everyone who works with her) kept her employed here for five years, so I don’t know what I’d even say to him.

If she comes to you wanting to have an emotional discussion about imposter syndrome (or whatever), you can say, “I’m sorry you’re dealing with that!

I’m on deadline right now, so I’ve got to get back to this” or “I’m swamped right now so can’t talk” or “sorry, I’m just about to get on a call.” * When she complains that people don’t respect for because she’s a woman, you can say, “For what it’s worth, I generally feel respected by colleagues here.It’s great that you want to support other women at work!But being a woman doesn’t mean that you are obligated to invest your time and emotional energy in all women, even those who irritate or frustrate you.She claims to be making an effort to learn the technical skills required to do her job, but I have seen little-to-no improvement in the five (five!! Whenever she messes something up or doesn’t understand something, she chalks up her feelings of not understanding to “impostor syndrome” and decides she’s actually skilled after all!It’s more “Dunning Kruger” than “impostor.”I’ve spent dozens of hours teaching her to do things that she ultimately forgets and bailing her out of simple tasks. ) about impostor syndrome and then I feel bad and try to say some platitudes like “hey, you can learn how to do this” to make her feel better.Assume finally that everything is as in the second version except that boys find mathematicians more and more boring, hence they stop gradually to react to these arrivals.

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