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This use alone causes major problems for the peregrine.Still, the Harrisburg chicks seem to be doing all right.

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Who knew once her eggs hatched, a mother falcon doesn't release her young but bounces up and down on them as if doing squats?

That's one of the engrossing things I've learned watching the Falcon Cam streaming live from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Out of 56 eggs falcons have laid at the site over the years, 38 hatchlings survived, presumably later becoming kick-ass predators dive-bombing hapless animals at speeds up to 200 mph.

Here's hoping this year's batch makes it through just fine (once they can pry themselves free of mom, that is).

Training keeps our otters mentally and physically stimulated—it also makes working with the otters safer for us and less stressful for them.

Otter 808 is the latest sea otter to be rescued by our Sea Otter Program.

The Freedom Monument Square is a part of Freedom Boulevard between Aspazijas Boulevard and Raina Boulevard, which is closed for transport since 1990.

Since then the approximately 200 metres long Freedom Monument Square is opened only for pedestrians and cyclists.

These pesticide residues result in females laying very thin-shelled eggs, which cannot sustain the weight of incubation, thus causing reproductive failure.

While many South and Central American countries have banned the use of DDT, its use still persists in parts of Latin America, the wintering grounds of many peregrine populations.

Understanding how modern otters compare to their ancestors can help this threatened species recover.

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