Miley cyrus is dating justin

“They have been recording music and spending more time together,” says the source.

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Miley and Lim [sic] give Justin hope that he and Selena could have a happy ending too.” Bieber and Cyrus are “tight”? As the story goes on, it becomes more and more clear why Hollywood Lies manufactured it.

The webloid notes, “Miley and Liam broke up in Sept. They later reunited in early 2016, and have since gotten engaged again.

The outlet even asserts, “Could a happy ending really happen for Jelena? Laughably, the publication further says of the former couple, “We see a bright future for these two.” But just weeks ago, Hollywood Lies was claiming.

Now they’re not even together anymore, and the blog is predicting Gomez and Bieber could “go all the way to the altar.” It’s absolutely ridiculous, and shows that these serial fabricators are more like fan-fiction writer than journalists.

Yet here this supposed source is quoted as saying, “Justin and Miley are tight. It hasn’t gone unnoticed by Justin that she and Liam managed to make things work again after going through an awful breakup.

They’re such a success story and a great example of how things can work out after a breakup.Liam Hemsworth taking longtime love Miley Cyrus by surprise in the car never gets old.Cyrus recently shared an Instagram Stories video of Hemsworth driving while she sits in the passenger seat, happily dancing to a rap song.This latest example, published on Friday, is headlined, “Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: How Miley & Liam’s Love Story Gives Them Hope For ‘Happy Ending.'” The contention is based on a so-called “friend of Justin and Selena,” even though no real friend of theirs would ever talk to the webloid known as Hollywood Lies.This is a site Gomez has called the “worst” and said is “never true,” while Bieber has deemed the outlet to be “garbage,” as well as “untruthful and hurtful.” The stars have made it clear how much they dislike the online publication, so it makes no sense that any legitimate pal would really go to the blog with an authentic scoop.In recent cryptic posts on social media they have had fans wondering whether the pair have secretly wed over the last few months.

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