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At the end of these is a hinge, with a metal bar attached. The device looks a bit like a pair of sunglasses for a Cyclops.

He positions the ring between her teeth, then fastens the straps fairly tightly behind her head.

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The two men walk her down the aisle, then up some steps to the side of the stage.

The screen rises to the ceiling, the stage lights come on and she sees a black leather bench in the centre of the stage.

He fastens a strap around each thigh just above her knees, then another at the top of her thighs. He then fastens her ankles to two bars that extend horizontally from the bench legs, so that she cannot move her legs at all.

Next, one of the men positions a large mirror in front of her, angled slightly up.

The position of her head, tilted back so that she faces straight ahead, is not particularly uncomfortable as the frame bears most of its weight.

Meanwhile the other man checks the straps around her legs, then wipes her exposed sex with a silk handkerchief that feels slightly damp on her skin.

One of the men makes some adjustment to the bench, moving the rear legs somehow.

He then fastens her legs to the legs of the bench, one each side, so that they are spread apart about two feet at the knees.

They force her to kneel on one end of the bench, with her upper body resting on the padded seat.

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