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However, no university with the name of American Western University would be established.

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At first, lands were mostly leased out, but the failure of many lessors to pay their rents resulted in most of the land being sold.

The sale of these lands funded the growth of Ohio University.

Today it is one of the largest institutions of higher learning in Ohio, with an enrollment of over 19,000 on the Athens campus and over 28,000 for all campuses.

The earliest industry in the area was salt production, followed by iron production and coal extraction.

In July 1787, the Congress of the Confederation gave to the Ohio Company of Associates "two townships of good land for the support of a literary institution" in the newly created Northwest Territory.

During The First Session of the Second Territorial General Assembly, held in Chillicothe from November 23, 1801 to January 23, 1802, the General Assembly passed an act establishing the "American Western University" at Athens. Clair, Governor of the Northwest Territory on January 9, 1802.

The first permanent European settlers arrived in Athens in 1797, more than a decade after the United States victory in the American Revolutionary War.

In 1800, the town site was first surveyed and plotted, but it was not incorporated as a village until 1811. Ohio University was chartered in 1804, the first public institution of higher learning in the Northwest Territory.

Athens is surrounded by hills that rise about three hundred feet from river valley to the narrow ridge tops.

The county extends west from the Ohio River, mostly centered around the lower Hocking River watershed.

The armed regulars were stopped by provosts and the ensuing quarrel quickly escalated into a shoot-out on Washington Street, during which one guardsman was killed and five others were wounded.

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