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“ I’m drunk and you’re insane/I can’t quit and you won’t change/Ain’t no half-hearted Romeo/Why do you treat me so?

/Like our love’s a joke/And it’s too much to laugh/Well, can’t you at least smile/When you call me that?

“ I wanted for it to be as big and beautiful sounding as it could with instrumentation.” To achieve this sound, Dylan enlisted legendary producer T-Bone Burnett to take the production reigns and indie goddess Neko Case, along with Kelly Hogan, to provide backing vocals. “ Nothing But the Whole Wide World” and “ Down on Our Own Shield” are straightforward, almost old-timey, folk songs, but Dylan and Burnett add a new dimension and drive with more prominent percussion behind Dylan’s acoustic strumming.

Case and Hogan’s diverse vocals provide the lushness and texture that complete these songs.

” But Dylan is at his very best on when he uses dark, rural imagery to convey the idea that what men hold most dear—notions of country, home, and identity, as well as possessions and even women—is at stake and in imminent danger.

“ Left turn off a county road/Weathervane is to the north/In the shade of sycamore/Is the house where you were born,” opens Dylan on “ We Don’t Live Here Anymore”, a foreboding song that pounds along and features haunting backing vocals on the chorus by Case and Hogan.

Given the popular image of Bob Dylan — poet, sage, the voice of a world-changing generation — he might be the last person you’d expect to see in the middle of an “Animal House”-style food fight. ’ His heated dark features darken even more.” After, she describes him has having “disappeared into his disappointment.” Still, Dylan’s words — as they always do — had their effect.

But Britta Lee Shain, in her memoir about her time in Dylan’s circle — which included a lengthy seduction by Dylan followed by a brief affair — tells of exactly that, showing the playful, mischievous and womanizing side of the musical icon that the public rarely sees. “For days afterwards, I weigh everything Ernie does,” she writes, “and it all seems pretty stupid to me.” Along the way, Shain got to know more of Dylan’s inner circle, including his first road manager from the ’60s.

“Bob swoops up a [large] slice [of cake], circles the table, then plasters the gooey dessert in my face,” writes Shain in “Seeing the Real You at Last.” Later, after she returns fire, Dylan “picks up the champagne bottle and pours it over my head.” Shain, an aspiring screenwriter and lifelong Dylan fanatic, began dating Dylan’s road manager, Ernie, in 1985. ‘Oh, Bob,’ I wind up gushing, ‘I think Ernie’s the smartest guy I’ve ever known.’ “ ‘Smart! He shared with her that in the early days, Dylan “was so broke in New York he sold his body for 20 bucks a pop” and also that he had used heroin. ’” After critics lambasted shows on his 1987 tour, he read one of the reviews while a glowing article about Michael Jackson, featuring a picture of him and his chimp, Bubbles, stared him down from the opposite page.

While she and Ernie wound up living together, Dylan hung over their relationship like a specter, endlessly flirting and, in time, digging at her relationship with his friend. As the flirtation progressed, Dylan introduced Shain to his ex-wife, Sara, and Shain presented herself as “Ernie’s girlfriend.” “ ‘Oh, Breeda,’ Bob sighs, shaking his head, as I’m halfway out the door, ‘you know that just isn’t true, at all.’ ” Much of the pleasure of this book comes from the funny, quirky, humanizing details Shain drops about the singer throughout. “Maybe I ought to get me a monkey,” said a dejected Dylan.

In one, a women she never met before mentioned what a bad idea it was to get involved with a famous person, because you see reminders everywhere.

Shain mentioned that her famous heartbreak had been Bob Dylan, and asked the woman who hers had been. “‘Oh God, I hope yours wasn’t Bob Dylan,’ I blurt out.

But it’s mostly because there just aren’t that many people who are Having recently dated a women so young she couldn’t name Jakob Dylan’s father, I’ve put together a how-to list featuring all the things you need to know about conducting yourself with members of the younger generation.

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