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Here’s what he said: I just found this site with HILARIOUS triathlon apparel and tons of pretty cool accessories, and you were the first person I thought of when I saw it!I know you'll get a laugh or three - there's some super funny stuff on there, so check it out!Gallery 3D Apk - Tampilkan Album Gambar Lebih Menarik di Android.

Break long swims up to help with counting (eg 2km straight repeating 400 steady / 100 mod hard rather than 2km steady)Document your times Do regular time trials to asses progress Get yourself filmed (more than once)Each session try to focus on one aspect of your stroke This Weeks Websites Rusts, Ironmen Don’t, Train Hard, Train Smart: Kia Kaha Episode 93 Ironman Talk weeks news IM Korea may be gone. Age Grouper of the Week Jim Boldra sent through this weeks age grouper, here’s his email: I would like to nominate an age grouper of the week from IM Wisconsin. Wendy is a very dedicated athlete that I have been coaching for the past two years.

The athlete is Wendy Heldt from Appleton , Wisconsin . She is looking forward to her first attempt at Kona in 2008. Jim Boldra High 5 Hywel Davies sent through a High 5 for Running in the dark.

They can be race results, who will get done for drugs, fashion etc...

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But I 'spose if you really want to you could ask if there could be a multisporters club forum by submitting a request here -

At least that would keep it out of the way of the general Vorb public who think multisporters are just funky smelling leotard wearing old men.There’s some great info in this one, thanks for that Hywel.Website of the Week Richard Boscher sent through this weeks website.Kayak legs get cancelled because of these idiots that never learnt to paddle and are using the wrong tool!!The good multisporters have all the skills and could hold their own in a single discipline race of any of the disciplines..there are a bunch of idiots out there that think they are soooo good and soooo hard because they are multisporters, but have no idea!! Corners Catching waves when racing/training -- the key is to catch the wave just as it’s starting to spill Look under your breathing arm when you are coming into the wave zone to look for waves As the wave is almost on you (ie starting to lift) pick up pace to hard Keep swimming hard and take a big breath until you start to fall down the front of the wave Once you are on the wave keep your body as tall and stiff as possible.

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